What Does Diversity Mean to a Global Citizen?

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What does diversity mean?

In my last post on the meaning of global citizenship, I shared that I believe that global citizenship means being a citizen of the world.

In that vein, I wonder what is diversity?

When we talk about diversity, are we talking about a diversity of cultures? Values? Ethnicities?

Are we discussing diversity in the workplace, at schools, in neighborhood communities?

Are we considering diversity on the same wavelength as acceptance of each individual?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding YES.

Yes, diversity is about cultures, values and ethinicites.

Yes, diversity exists {or at least should exist!} in the workplace, at school and on the playground in your neighborhood.

Yes, diversity is about acceptance of individuals as being unique.

Most importantly, diversity is about respect.

Q: What Does Diversity Mean?

A: Respect.

Diversity is not only about ensuring that your business has an equal mix of all nationalities and ethnicities.

Diversity is not only a term you use to describe the mix of kids in a college class.

Diversity is about respect.

Diversity is about understanding.

Diversity is about giving other communities the same consideration and thoughtfulness that you give to your own self.

Diversity is about appreciating differences.

Diversity is learning to unlearn assumptions and even beliefs.

Diversity is about respect.


There are many answers to this one. But at the heart of it all lies a simple value of equality.

Understanding and appreciating that co-existing in this world are many religions, communities, ethnicities that all deserve to be treated with equality.

Diversity is about embracing differences with the same warmth as you embrace similarities.

It’s about opening up the windows of our minds and letting myriad hues of colors, tastes, experiences flow in.

what does diversity meanDiversity can be second nature to a global citizen but when you’re only familiar with a textbook definition, it can be challenging to say the least.

As someone who consults with global businesses on diversity and speaks regularly on the topic as well, I see how respecting diversity can often be confusing or misconstrued.

So, what are YOUR questions about diversity?

What do YOU think diversity means?

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