Cultural Sensitivity Training and the Solopreneur

Cultural Sensitivity Training and the Solopreneur

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Cultural sensitivity training and awareness aren’t meant just for the big brands.

Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs also need to ensure that their marketing and employee relationships are just as culturally sensitive as the big players. Whether it’s the product you launch or the vendor in the Philippines that you work with, cultural awareness needs to be front-and-center at all times.

But how do you make that happen? Unlike large organizations, you manage the marketing, sales, human resources, all on your own.

How do you train yourself in cultural sensitivity and awareness?

Well, this post is going to show you just how!

Cultural Sensitivity Training and the Solopreneur

Cultural Sensitivity Training for the Solopreneur

1. Read, read and read some more.

Start by reading up on different cultures, communities, ethnicities and countries. Understand what sets them apart, what brings them together, what values and traditions hold significance.

Before you launch a product or service in a new country, spend time getting to really understand the cultural nuances.

Want to embark on this fascinating journey right away? Here is a list of books I recommend for fellow global citizens. Start with these and then, keep adding to them.

2. Work 1-on-1 with a coach

A cultural training session customized exclusively for you. Yes, that’s totally possible when you work one-on-one with a coach. Ahem, yours truly. Get in touch with me today to see how we can work together to ensure your brand is culturally sensitive.

3. Learn about new cultures

If reading isn’t your thing, you can still absorb and learn about new cultures and communities. Here are 5 ways to appreciate a new culture that are bound to help you dig deeper.

Part of being a global citizen is learning to unlearn and adapt. You may have grown up thinking that a certain word is acceptable or a particular greeting is the norm but when you start learning about other cultures, you discover that it maybe okay in one culture but not in another.

I’ve shared so many examples of businesses losing millions of dollars because they didn’t translate the word right. So take the time out to learn about a new culture, in whatever way you’re most comfortable with. But learn!

4. Attend a conference

One of the best ways to broaden your cultural views and knowledge is to attend a conference. That’s right.

It’s a fabulous way to get to meet other entrepreneurs and business owners while learning from experts who’ve done the groundwork for you. I’m proud to be hosting one such conference right here in Dubai, so you’ll get to weave in some overseas travel and cultural experiences too, if you’re flying in. I’ll be joined by my friend and customer loyalty expert, Peter Shankman as we combine forces to offer intense focus and insight on customer loyalty, recruiting clients, retaining clients, and, most importantly, how to create rabidly loyal fans of your business and brand.

Are you a solopreneur? Make 2016 the year when you get your cultural messaging in sync with the rest of your branding with a training option that’s best suited to your needs, lifestyle and budget.

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