Cross-Cultural Training

Cultural Sensitivity Training and the Solopreneur

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  Cultural sensitivity training and awareness aren’t meant just for the big brands. Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs also need to ensure that their marketing and employee relationships are just as culturally sensitive as the big players. Whether it's the product you launch or...

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5 Cultural Sensitivity Mistakes No Brand Should Ever Make

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  Cultural Sensitivity: The art and science of being sensitive and aware of other cultures so as a brand you don’t stomp on feelings, values, emotions and beliefs. I’ve already shared why cultural sensitivity training is the need of the hour. Today...

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How Cultural Diversity Impacts Organizational Behavior

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How does cultural diversity impact organizational behavior? I’ve already shared how businesses can stand to lose millions by ignoring cultural norms and values. I’ve talked about how cultural sensitivity training IS the need of the hour. And yet, there remain many...

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