Cultural Sensitivity Training

Mean Girls Have Taught Me About Being Culturally Sensitive

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Mean girls. No, I’m not talking about the Lindsay Lohan movie, but I am talking about the type of girls portrayed in that film. You see, I wasn’t the most popular li’l girl growing up. At times, I was bullied. Other...

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Cultural Sensitivity Training and the Solopreneur

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  Cultural sensitivity training and awareness aren’t meant just for the big brands. Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs also need to ensure that their marketing and employee relationships are just as culturally sensitive as the big players. Whether it's the product you launch or...

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Can You Risk Losing Your Business Because of a Lack of Cultural Sensitivity Training?

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  Cultural sensitivity training is more than just a buzzword or discussion topic for the boardroom. It is the need of the hour and for a business, diversity in the workplace can drive up revenue and growth as well. If you...

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