Cultural Sensitivity Training

Cultural Sensitivity Training: Appreciating Diversity In The Workplace During the Holidays

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With the festive season right around the corner, here’s a thought… This year, assess how your business focuses on celebrating diversity and inclusiveness. Cultural Sensitivity Training: A Key to Diverse Holidays   "People of different religions and cultures live side by...

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5 Cultural Sensitivity Mistakes No Brand Should Ever Make

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  Cultural Sensitivity: The art and science of being sensitive and aware of other cultures so as a brand you don’t stomp on feelings, values, emotions and beliefs. I’ve already shared why cultural sensitivity training is the need of the hour. Today...

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How Businesses Lose Millions When They Ignore Cultural Sensitivity Training

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  Cultural sensitivity training, as I shared earlier, is the need of the hour. In that post I highlighted how a brand can impart training on culturally awareness and sensitivity. If you’re a stakeholder in a brand, a global business owner,  or...

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