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Building Customer Loyalty In The Day of 24/7 Competition

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Merriam-Webster defines loyalty as: “the quality or state of being loyal” and “a feeling of strong support for someone or something”.

The savviest businesses and brands know that customer loyalty is one of the most (if not the most) important aspects for their long-term bottom line.

Each and every day, people are offered countless opportunities about how and where to spend their money and time. The age of the internet has made every global business a local business and every small business a global brand. How are you planning to gain and keep your customers in this environment of 24/7 competition?

One of my mentors, Peter Shankman notes this simple truth when it comes to creating customer loyalty: “Turn a loyal customer into a lifelong loyal customer simply by doing things that make their lives easier.”

Sounds easy enough, right?

But how exactly does one create, foster and keep the loyal customer? I couldn’t be more excited to tell you.

When a company focuses on customer loyalty, they also need to focus on employee happiness, since their staff are the front-line of their business. Companies also need to demonstrate, on a regular basis, how grateful they are to have their customers and reward them for returning to them when they have an ocean of competitors just waiting for new clients to wash ashore.

Are you building a blueprint for the future? Are you messaging to ALL of your markets across the globe with appropriate marketing and communications? Do you want to learn how? I’d LOVE to talk about this with you.

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