Can You Risk Losing Your Business Because of a Lack of Cultural Sensitivity Training?

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  Cultural sensitivity training is more than just a buzzword or discussion topic for the boardroom. It is the need of the hour and for a business, diversity in the workplace can drive up revenue and growth as well. If you...

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How Cultural Diversity Impacts Organizational Behavior

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How does cultural diversity impact organizational behavior? I’ve already shared how businesses can stand to lose millions by ignoring cultural norms and values. I’ve talked about how cultural sensitivity training IS the need of the hour. And yet, there remain many...

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How Businesses Lose Millions When They Ignore Cultural Sensitivity Training

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  Cultural sensitivity training, as I shared earlier, is the need of the hour. In that post I highlighted how a brand can impart training on culturally awareness and sensitivity. If you’re a stakeholder in a brand, a global business owner,  or...

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