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Transformational Wonder: The Evolution of Dubai

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If someone mentions “Dubai”, images that might spring to mind would likely include a vibrant and thriving city, full of opulence, stunning architecture and cultural wonders. Dubai may also be the most culturally diverse city in the world, with nearly 96% of the residents living there having been born elsewhere.


Despite all that Dubai represents to the world today, a mere fifty years ago, it looked drastically different, as evidenced in this article in The Daily Telegraph, which shows the visual transformation of Dubai over the years in exceptional detail.


Boasting such forward-thinking concepts as The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City, many international companies and news organizations have opened branches and headquarters within Dubai.


Globally recognized names like Microsoft, Canon, Samsung, Oracle, Facebook, MasterCard, CNN, Forbes and Reuters are located within Dubai and are now thriving within Dubai, while also recognizing the importance of cross-cultural messaging and understanding the critical nature of how nuances are perceived to different audiences.


In other words, while these businesses share a global audience, their message to their audience needs to be assessed to best appeal to their base through an understanding of how different cultures operate and construct knowledge.


By mastering the social relationships and values within different cultures, then a strong foundation can be built for truly thriving international business.


As a global citizen that resides between Dubai and the United States, I’ve been very fortunate that my personal passions and history as a Third Culture Kid (TCK), have blossomed into my professional path as a Cultural Liaison between the cultures of the East and West.


I genuinely enjoy working collaboratively with many Western and Eastern organizations, leaders and individuals to teach and promote the art of effective communication and diplomacy.


Should you wish to reach me about how I can help you as an individual or organization with international messaging and communications, please feel free to reach me at any time at


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