February, 2016

How Building Customer Loyalty Can Boost Business Growth

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Customer Loyalty: Where the gold is for any business We’ve already seen the numbers and know that customer loyalty can make or break a business. But can customer loyalty help a business grow faster? Yes, it can. Customer loyalty programs...

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Why is Customer Loyalty Important to Your Business? Data-Driven Answers

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  Over the last few days, I've been sharing the importance of customer loyalty. But what does customer loyalty boil down to when we crunch the numbers? How does it impact your bottom line? What data can you expect to see...

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On Staying Inspired and Grateful

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"Stay positive." "Keep your chin up." "Look at the bright side." "Don't lose faith." How many times have you heard one of those phrases and thought to yourself, "Easy for you to say." It's difficult in this digital era to...

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