Nasrine: Campden European Families In Business Conference Presenter

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Nasrine will be a featured panelist at the Campden European Families in Business Conference, which will take place in Rome, Italy, June 23-24. Due to her robust involvement and depth of knowledge with regard to managing international clientele, branding and staff, Nasrine was sought out to present on the panel “How To Select and Retain Your Best Talent.”

The conference will provide a truly unique platform for prestigious business-owning families to share their experiences and learn from each other on various crucial family business topics, such as how to achieve growth opportunities.

The twelfth European Families in Business Conference, hosted by Conference Chair Marco Lavazza, Vice President & Director of Lavazza Spa, takes place in Rome, home of many highly illustrious Italian family brands, at the St. Regis Hotel.

Fascinating family stories behind huge international brands, conglomerates and local exclusive family businesses will be shared, as well as networking events to celebrate this year’s top families in business.

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