Welcome to the digital doorstep of Dr. Nasrine Shah Abushakra.

A true global citizen, Nasrine was born and raised in Boston and now travels frequently across continents and cultures between her homes in the United States and Dubai.

Internationally acclaimed as a visionary liaison between the United States and Middle East, Nasrine’s expertise lies within her ability to lead and teach others, establish advocacy and create programs that bridge the cultures with adroit effectiveness.

Online Manners Netiquette

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Author of the Book- Netiquette: Modern Manners For A Modern World

Kindness: The Universal Language

Diversity, Global Citizen

"No matter the language or cultural barriers, there is a universal language: kindness. It overcomes all boundaries. Let's pass it on." Dr. Nasrine...

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Failure: An Incredible Teacher

Education, Entrepreneur, Global Citizen

"Failure as a teacher is an incredibly powerful educator. It means that you were so excited about an idea that you took a chance and went out and...

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Back To School: American Education 101

Education, Global Citizen

Perhaps the greatest export from the USA is an American Education. Dr. Nasrine on what education has meant to her and what teacher made the greatest...

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Stunning Ramadan Tents You Must See To Believe

Dubai Culture, Dubai News & Events, Haute Living

Dr. Nasrine curated some of the most breathtaking Ramadan tents in Dubai and the UAE for Haute Living Dubai. July 5 is the final evening of Ramadan...

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Ramadan 2016: Incredible Iftars & Suhoors

Dubai Culture, Dubai News & Events

Dr. Nasrine compiled some of the most wonderful meals available within Dubai and throughout the UAE during Ramadan 2016 for Haute Living Dubai. You...

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Art & Awareness Meet: Abolish 153 Fundraiser at JAMM Art Gallery in Dubai

Dubai Culture, Dubai News & Events

Abolish 153 aims to eliminate article 153 from Kuwait’s penal code, which effectively gives men regulatory, judicial and executive power over their...

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