Third Culture Adult

Try Something New: The Importance of Cross-Cultural Learning

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“Culture shock” is a common term that’s been thrown around over the years, peppered throughout casual conversations about traveling, study abroad programs, and other forms of cross-cultural exchange. It’s a term that, for the most part, comes with negative connotations; it...

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What is Global Citizenship: Understanding the Definition of Being a Third Culture Adult

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  “What is global citizenship?” This question floated into my mind as I sipped a cup of Turkish coffee and nibbled on a delicate French pastry. Wikipedia defines global citizenship as, “a person who places their identity with a "global community" above...

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How to be a Global Citizen: 7 Ways to Embrace Cultural Diversity in the Workplace

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How to be a global citizen is clearly a topic that I’m passionate about and naturally so.   Being a Third Culture Adult and someone who straddles the East and the West with ease, being a global citizen is integral...

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