Cross-Cultural Training

Am I Really All That Great? Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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I’ve met, throughout my years of working and traveling abroad, hundreds of talented men and women with unparalleled skills, class, and intelligence. Even still, many of them are plagued with nagging inner voices that demean their good work, and constantly...

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Try Something New: The Importance of Cross-Cultural Learning

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“Culture shock” is a common term that’s been thrown around over the years, peppered throughout casual conversations about traveling, study abroad programs, and other forms of cross-cultural exchange. It’s a term that, for the most part, comes with negative connotations; it...

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Cyberculture & Netiquette: Does Internet “Culture” Exist?

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In 1973, cultural studies scholar Stuart Hall created the encoding/decoding model of communication to explain the way we produce and consume the media. He theorized that audience members relied on their social contexts—race, gender, and sexuality, for instance—to “decode” messages...

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